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Jan 09,  · For the cover of the book, Ciecorka drew a Black fist rising from the center of other Black hands reaching skyward. Published in , the historic illustration marked the first time a symbolic. The fist was used by the United Workers of the World labor union in and by anti-fascists in the s during the Spanish Civil War. Students raised the fist in Paris in in mass protests.

Nov 29,  · Mr. Cieciorka (pronounced che-CHOR-ka) was a Bay Area civil rights activist in when he made his first woodcut prints of the fist, which soon appeared on . Origins of the “Clenched Fist” image [ Clenched Fist - Woodblock by Frank Cieciorka, ] The militant symbol of the clenched fist has been around since the early ’s, springing up in graphics from Mexico and the U.S. to Europe and Russia.

Jan 06,  · The fist became one of Cieciorka’s favorite drawings. In , he used it for a poster advertising the Delano grape strike organized by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Heurta of the National. Nov 28,  · Frank Cieciorka, a graphic artist, art director and watercolorist whose woodcut rendering of a clenched-fist salute was a model for the New Left’s .

Feb 02,  · An American civil rights activist named Frank Cieciorka made a woodblock print of a fist that appeared in posters, T-shirts, and buttons. ©Frank Cieciorka, Athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave what they saw as a “human rights salute” at the Olympics — they adapted it from imagery like Cieciorka’s print.