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Comparative adult education. Convenor: A K Stock, National Institute of Adult EducationRecorder: J G S Shearer, University of Glasgow. The first question to be taken up for discussion was the place of Comparative Adult Education as a specialised area of knowledge within the field of Adult Education . Egetenmeyer R., Fedeli M. (eds.) , Adult education and work contexts: International perspectives and challenges, Comparative perspectives from the Würzburg Winter School, Peter Lang, Bern. Egetenmeyer R., Mikulec B. (eds.) , Special issue ‘International and comparative adult education, «Andragoška spoznanja/Studies in Adult Author: Vanna Boffo, Regina Egetenmeyer, Stefanie Kröner.

Building on long-­standing cooperation between researchers in adult education and universities focussing on research and studies in adult education, the Joint Module for Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (COMPALL) is being developed as part of the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership COMPALL (–) 1. Comparative studies in adult education & lifelong learning, For the comparison of selected subtopics of lifelong learning, students and practitioners chose one subtopic, which is guided by an international expert. Each participant will act as a representative of his/her home context (e.g. home country, home university).

The international Winter School ‘Comparative Studies on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning’ is dedica-ted to analysing and comparing international and European strategies in lifelong learning. Based on social policy models, lifelong learning strategies in Europe, including selected European countries, will be . Developing a Methodology for Comparative Studies in Adult Education. Kidd, J. R. Convergence, 3, 3, , '70Cited by: 1.

Comparative education is a field of study that focuses on the provision of organized learning activities across international and intercultural boundaries and utilizes comparative methods of study. Jan 01,  · Comparative Studies in Lifelong and Recurrent Education Comparative studies, like other studies in adult education, increasingly take a lifelong perspective, without for the most part addressing their topics explicitly within the concept of lifelong by: 1.

Introduction into comparative studies in adult education Introduction into research-oriented comparative group work - Cultural activity in comparative groups Wednesday, Feb 10 Comparative group work: student presentations Comparative group work: development of categories. While Comparative Studies in Education can be counted among the largely established and also institutionalised sub-disciplines of Education Research, Adult Education, and in particular Comparative Studies in Adult Education, belongs among those fields of study which have only in most recent times been added to the range of research and teaching in Education.