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Adult Bedwetting (Enuresis) Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is the involuntary release of urine during sleep. Bedwetting can be a symptom of bladder control problems like incontinence or overactive bladder or more severe structural issues, like an enlarged prostate or bladder cancer. Your bed-wetting may also be due to conditions that affect your body's ability to store and hold urine. For instance, bladder cancer and prostate cancer can cause it. .

PHARMACEUTICAL TREATMENT For Sleep Enuresis. Desmopressin. By mimicking ADH or vasopressin, the kidney produces less urine. Imipramine. Boasts a 40% success rate but also has a fine line between an effective dose and toxic dose. Anticholinergic Medications. These prescription medications are. Jul 13,  · Monitor fluid intake. Try to slow your fluid intake in the afternoon and evening. Drink more in the early morning when you can use the bathroom easily. Wake yourself at night. Setting an alarm for the middle of the night can help you prevent bed-wetting. Getting up once or twice a night to urinate.

Feb 15,  · Some common causes of bedwetting include: Urinary tract infection (UTI). Smaller than average bladder size. Aug 24,  · Additionally, several medical issues can sometimes cause bedwetting in adults, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, and prostate cancer. Tests for these medical conditions involve simple urine analysis, so don’t hesitate to discuss getting tested with your doctor if you believe that they could be a cause.

Causes of adult bed-wetting may include: A blockage (obstruction) in part of the urinary tract, such as from a bladder stone or kidney stone. Bladder problems, such as small capacity or overactive nerves. Diabetes. Enlarged prostate. Medication side .