Amateurs gone wild in shower sex and adult outdoor games - ann summers adult party games


ann summers adult party games - Amateurs gone wild in shower sex and adult outdoor games

Dec 10,  · i did lots of adult party games before ann summers partys always a laugh. One would be to see how many marshmellows you could get into your mouth without swallowing. Another would be to wear huge Granny knickers, put a balloon in them then try as many different positions to pop the balloon. The list goes on. Ann Summers Party Games. MaggieMasters Posts: August in General chat. Hiya, Just started being a Ann Summers Rep in the North West (get my kit tomorrow yey!!) if you would like a job as a party rep with adult products then contact blue dreamz.

Ann Summers competition and games, Old Colwyn. 57 likes · 1 talking about this. Feel free to invite your friends to win some amazing prizes - girls 18+ please and play nice. For your Ann Summers party, or for anyone who wants to do a raffle, this can be done a couple of ways. The straight forward way is to sell tickets and have three or four prizes depending on how much you have taken in raffle money. Sell the raffle tickets as people arrive. Draw tickets and give prizes to winners. Or you could do a snatch raffle.

We have thought of a game (possible Ann Summers game already) where the host holds up letters and whoever shouts the rudest word gets the letter. The person with the most letters at the end, gets a prize. I did my first party last night and choosing who had the rudest word but . Jul 19,  · This is often the first party game at an Ann Summer Party, and it has the advantage of being easy to set up and letting the adults use of some of their excess energy! Musical Statues. Another easy and popular game for adults, great for small spaces! What's The Time Mr Wolf? Best with a group of fairly young adults - say years olds.