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Animax boluses are easily given to ruminant animals using a specially designed Animax applicator. The bolus enters th­­e animal’s rumen/reticulum and lodges there and the trace elements leach out from the bolus at a known and safe rate. Spent boluses eventually become enlarged and are shed naturally. A sweet grain mix specially formulated for adult horses at low activity levels, Animax® 12% Protein Textured Horse Feed supplies the essential nutrients needed for health, soundness and longevity.

When you want to watch anime, watch ANIMAX! Animax is a leading destination for Japanese anime. This is a list of anime series, anime films, and anime OVA series broadcast by the Japanese anime satellite television network, Animax, in its networks across North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and other fuckso.xyzile, Tokusatsu is only available for Korea. Currently broadcast Pakistan.

Animax Ointment is an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antipruritic and antibacterial ointment available with a prescription from your veterinarian. It is used to treat ear infections, infected anal glands, cystic areas, and other dermatologic disorders in dogs and cats. Use with adult sheep when trace element supplementation is indicated and copper is not required. Does not include copper so is suitable for copper sensitive breeds. Application guidelines. Sheep and lambs weighing over 20kg: 1 bolus. Pack sizes. 50 boluses Animax code: PR boluses Animax code: PR Applicator. Sheep & Lamb.