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As women athletes’ strength and confidence grew, some observers began to wonder if fast, powerful athletes could even be the Berlin Olympics, the runners Stella Walsh of . Women's sports have come a long way in the past century. That's an obvious statement, but it remains hard to believe that, just over years ago in the Olympics, women weren't allowed to compete. Four years later, women's events were added to the Olympic program, but it still took as many as years for women to have full equality.

In fact, it's probably the worst thing that an athlete or any entertainer could ever do. With that being said, many athletes have made sex tapes over the years, and it has cost them everything. This list of the Top 15 Athletes Who Did Adult Entertainment: Where Are They Now will show you how detrimental pornography can be to an athlete's career. Sexy Moments in Sports Girls/Women’s 10 - Top 10 Revealing MomentsSexy Moments in Sports Girls/Women’s, TOP 10 Revealing moments TOP SEXY SPORT OLYMPIC WOMEN.