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adult tiger barb - Hairy naked Barb at Training Gym

The first step is knowing male and female tiger barb differences (this is where your newfound knowledge about determining their gender comes in!) and separating them into different tanks. Step 2: Setting Up the Conditioning Tank. Next, is knowing the requirements of the conditioning tank: Stocking tiger barbs should be at 1 fish per gallon ratio;. Tiger barbs are compatible with other barbs like Cherry Barb, Tinfoil Barb, and Rosy Barb. Clown Loaches, Tetras, and small catfishes like Corydoras and Pictus can also be kept along with Tiger Barb. Tiger barbs can be kept in a group of 5 or 8. Ideal Tank Conditions: They prefer shallow waters which are acidic and murky.

The Black Ruby Barb is a smaller Barb with a docile nature that has a similar pattern to the Tiger Barb. Because it’s a schooling fish it should always be kept in groups of five or more. They can peacefully co-exist with Tiger Barbs, but also with lots of other species especially that they’re less nippy than their Tiger cousins. Tiger Barb Tank Mates. Choosing the right Tiger Barb tank mates is no easy task. Their semi-aggressive nature leaves fewer options when it comes to compatibility in a community tank. As a general rule, you should avoid slow-moving fish. They will only become a target. You must also keep Tiger Barbs in a group of at least six.

Green Tiger Barbs are also called Moss Green Tiger Barb, Platinum Green Tiger Barb etc. They can be kept with other types of tiger barbs, they are also semi aggressive fish & do well only with the right tank mates. These fish love Live Plants in the aquarium. Learn more about their tankmates, aquarium care at aquakri.