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Sep 08,  · Magnús Scheving, Actor: LazyTown. Magnus Scheving is a writer, world-class athlete, entrepreneur and producer. He has been the producer and host of popular health-related children's TV shows as well as producing and acting in other TV productions and commercials. Scheving also produced and hosted his own talk show being a well-known comedian and . Product description *Printed top and pants *Printed Hat *Arm Cuffs *Brand new *Sportacus, LazyTown's slightly above average superhero is the real-life embodiment of the action figure every kid dreams of becoming. He's fit, agile, an amazing acrobat with lightning-fast style. He's always moving and flipping through the air and landing on his feet/5(3).

Magnus Scheving - Biography Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving (born 10 November ) is an Icelandic writer, entrepreneur, producer, actor and athlete. He was the creator, director and star of the children's television show LazyTown, in which he played Sportacus. Jan 22,  · The life of Spartacus, the gladiator who lead a rebellion against the Romans. From his time as an ally of the Romans, to his betrayal and becoming a gladiator, to the rebellion he leads and its ultimate outcome/10(K).

Aug 22,  · Characters Sportacus, played by Magnus Scheving, and Stephanie when Julianna Rose Mauriello was in the role when the show launched Credit: Publicity - Getty. Sportacus and Stephanie had always been friends, they never seemed to notice that one was a super hero and the other a very pink girl. They did everything together since Stephanie was 8 they danced and sang got in to and out of more trouble than most people could imagine. Even now that Stephanie is 19 they still play and work out together.

I'm a total adult Sportacus/Stephanie shipper. This is my fist lazytown short story. Hope you enjoy! Please review! 'Bye Miss S' shouted little Tilly Draker, her pigtails bouncing as she ran to her mother. Waving to her dance teacher she was ushered into her mother's car all the while giving detailed chatter of what they had learnt in class today. Dec 29,  · Underneath the saucy, salacious "of-the-era" sex of Spartacus lies a breathtakingly labyrinthine story about ambition, repression and destiny. If you've seen the show then you know how, shall we.