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What My Life Is Like as an Adult With Sensory Processing Disorder Kelly M. 11/10/ North Carolina tornado: 3 people were killed and 10 more injured in coastal North Carolina. diagnose and treat adults with Sensory Processing Disorder. If you are concerned after going through the checklist that you or your teenager's life may be significantly impacted by sensory processing issues, please contact a local Occupational Therapist. Again, disorder means that it .

Basically, people who have a difficult time processing sensory information misinterpret the strength of different input to senses (vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, pressure, vestibular–the sense that tells us when we feel dizzy) in their brains. Children with sensory challenges who are not treated in childhood often grow into adults whose daily lives continue to be affected by their inability to accurately and appropriately interpret sensory messages. These "sensational adults" may have difficulty performing routines and activities involved in work, close relationships, and recreation.

Occupational therapy services provided for adults experiencing problems processing and integrating sensations often use the principles of Ayres Sensory Integration®; however, specific approaches vary greatly depending on the person’s needs and may include the . Dec 22,  · Children and adults with SID will exhibit the following Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms: Feel actual pain with loud noises and sounds Be extremely sensitive to clothing material that touches the skin Have problems judging distance and bump into things.

A commonly reported sensory issue for children or adults with sensory processing disorder is touch sensitivity. Sensory integration trained occupational therapists would usually call this tactile sensory issue ‘tactile defensiveness.’ Sometimes they may use the term ‘over-responsivity to touch’ but the terms mean the same thing. Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory processing disorder—also known as SPD or sensory integration disorder—is a term describing a collection of challenges that .