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rows · Males. years. (life expectancy at birth, males) Created with Highcharts . Male: years - Average life expectancy of a US male (at birth). Female: years - Average life expectancy of a US female (at birth). year difference between average US female and male lifespan expectancy. Latest available data is from - OECD.

The United Nations estimate a global average life expectancy of years for – the global average today is higher than in any country back in According to the UN estimates the country with the best health in was Norway with a life expectancy of years. Oct 30,  · Trends in Life expectancy from Health, United States; Changes in Life Expectancy at Birth: ; Mortality in the United States, ; Changes in Life Expectancy by Race and Hispanic Origin in the United States, ; The Effect of Changes in Selected Age-Specific Causes of Death on Non-Hispanic White Life Expectancy Between .

62 rows · The life expectancy for U.S. in was years, a % increase from .