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adult industry economy - shayla laveaux industrial sex

Thanks to the baby boomer generation born in the late s and s, the number of American senior citizens is growing. As the boomer population reaches age 65, the senior population is projected to reach million – almost double the estimated number in and approximately twenty percent of the total US population. Roughly 10, people will turn 65 every day for the . A.B. 5—California's new law regulating the gig economy—is "armageddon in some ways" for the state's porn industry, said longtime AVN writer Mark Kernes on the legal issues panel.

Businesses like live webcam models and adult novelties have helped fill that gap—but Wosick notes that most of the industry's financial information is less . Job Creation in the Adult-Use Industry Recent market research reports have published estimates for the US marijuana market. In , national employment for the marijuana market was in the range of , to ,

The adult entertainment industry is not only seeing its DVD sales plummet as consumers watch more porn online, but the estimated $13 billion industry is also . Industry leaders behind the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo reveal their insights from transforming the once 'niche' sex toy market into an unstoppable industry .

And we need an adult in the room. The obvious answer is to enlist the adult film industry in returning the economy to normalcy. The industry has operated a testing system successfully for years to stave off threats of infections from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. But how does America’s porn obsession fuel the economy? In , respondents to an XBIZ poll estimated the industry makes about $5 billion a year. According to .