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An adult hockey helmet can be purchased without the added cage or visor, but youth leagues require face protection. So if you’re looking for a junior hockey helmet, you want to look for one that includes the added cage. What to Look for in a Hockey Helmet. Consider the following details when buying a hockey helmet: Outer Shell: Outer shells are made of sturdy plastic or composite materials. Padding: Hockey helmets are lined with protective foam padding designed to cushion the player's head. There are various levels of foam densities, including dual-density foam and multi-density foam.

The helmet-only is the most affordable option, perfect for players who already have a hockey cage or face shield, or for players who do not wish to use facial protection. The caged-combo is the most cost-effective route, providing you with a cheaper price than buying the helmet and cage . A hockey helmet and face mask or shield will not only protect your face and head from sticks, pucks, and elbows, but also absorb and displace the impact energy that causes concussions—especially in leagues that allow checking.