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Aug 28,  · Strep throat is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and pain in the throat. This common condition is caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria. Strep throat can affect children and adults Author: Valencia Higuera. Jun 30,  · Up to 30% of pediatric sore throats are caused by strep, compared to 10% in adults. Medical authorities have different recommendations for children and adults regarding when to see a doctor for a sore Lorna Collier.

Jan 12,  · Strep throat is a common type of sore throat in children, but it’s not very common in adults. Doctors can do a quick test to see if a sore throat is strep throat. If so, antibiotics can help you feel better faster and prevent spreading it to others. Bacteria Cause Strep Throat. Dec 13,  · Strep throat in adults can present itself in several variations. Generally speaking, it is a bacterial infection that occurs in the throat and tonsils. Streptococcal bacteria can cause strep throat, irritation and inflammation. A sore throat is often wrongly mistaken for strep.

Strep Throat Symptoms in Adults One of the most noticeable strep throat symptoms in adults is that the sore throat comes on quickly and lasts 48 hours or more (a viral, non-strep sore throat usually starts with a little irritation and lasts only a day or two). Other common strep throat symptoms in adults include. Nov 02,  · Lots of things can cause a sore through. One cause, especially in children and young adults, is the bacteria that creates strep throat. Streptococcus pyogenes (group A Streptococcus) is the formal.

Aug 13,  · Strep throat is a bacterial infection presenting with its classical symptoms and also with constitutional symptoms. The typical symptoms of strep pharyngitis are sore throat, sudden onset fever (greater than 38 degrees), red tonsils with white patches (exudative tonsils), and cervical lymphadenopathy. Frequent episodes of strep throat in adults is something serious, which needs medical attention as soon as possible. In most cases, recurring strep throat is treated with tonsillectomy procedure. This HealthHearty article explores ways as to why you may be experiencing it.

Jan 07,  · Although children are more likely to develop strep throat, adults still can get it, Nambudripad says."For example, up to three in 10 children with a sore throat will have strep throat. In adults, Author: Elaine K. Howley.