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adult friend finder hacked passwords - Freshie password

LeakedSource found that the password details for over a third of the affected AdultFriendFinder users were stored in plain text, making them easily visible to hackers. The attack exposed email addresses, passwords, browser information, IP addresses, date of last visits, and membership status across sites run by the Friend Finder Networks. FriendFinder hack is.

May 29,  · Adult FriendFinder was hacked which resulted in exposure of user information. Learn more about this breach now. there is no evidence that any financial information or passwords were. Back in , one of the biggest internet adult dating sites was hacked, and over million users from company Friend Finder Network were exposed to this hack. Out of which, at least million users where from website, which is, in our opinion, the top 3 .

Nov 14,  · Curiously, was sold by Friend Finder Network Inc to a different company, Penthouse Global Media Inc., in February , so some eyebrows may be raised as to how the hackers were able to steal information of’s users from Friend Finder Network’s systems in October The sex and dating site AdultFriendFinder has been hacked for the second time (that we know of), according to the breach notification website LeakedSource, and the world's truly lousy password.

Among the sensitive information leaked in the Adult Friend Finder’s hack were sexual preferences and interest in extramarital affairs. The site was hacked in May of , resulting in. AdultFriendFinder network hack exposes million accounts Almost every account password was cracked, thanks to the company's poor security practices. Even "deleted" accounts were found in the.