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Is Self-Directed Learning? Approximately 70 percent of adult learning is self-directed (Cross, ), and about 90 percent of all adults conduct at least one self-directed learning project a year (Tough, ). Self-directed learning (SDL) is a “process in which individuals take the initia-adults learn, and can help instructors be more effec-. Apr 07,  · Adult learners are more prone to self directed learning because they are often excited about their education and feel confident in their ability to take it on themselves. For many adult students, self directed learning is a fantastic way to fuckso.xyz: Western Governors University.

Disclaimer: The LINCS System is maintained under contract with CivicActions with funding from the U.S. Department of Education (ED), Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), under Contract No. ED-EVP-OF The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of the U.S. Department of Education, and no . Studied in terms of adult education and vocation for years, self-directed learning is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons, including growing dissatisfaction with public schooling, and the rich formal and informal learning materials available online. .

Jul 29,  · Self-directed learners facilitate their own purposes or drives. Needs, interests, and objectives are essential to the self-directed learning process. The learners desire to learn gives satisfaction when he or she is performing the learning activity. A learning activity that is self-motivated receives an abundant amount of the learner’s energy. Jun 14,  · What is Self-Directed Learning (SDL)? Adult learners are mature, responsible individuals who want to take charge of their own learning. This is a natural psychological and cognitive development that takes place as human beings mature intellectually (Knowles, ).

ADULT EDUCATION QUARTERLY Volume 41, Number 3, Spring, , An earlier version of this paper was presented at a meeting of the Fourth International Symposium on Adult Self-Directed Learning in Norman, Oklahoma, February, TEACHING LEARNERS TO BE SELF-DIRECTED GERALD O. GROW ABSTRACT.