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All dragonflies are carnivorous in both the larval and adult stages of their lives. Dragonflies typically eat mosquitoes, midges and other small insects like flies, bees and butterflies, catching its prey while it is flying. A Dragonflies ability to manoeuvre in many directions makes them able to out-fly their prey. A surprising and interesting fact about the dragonfly is that, they will spend only a very short part of their life span as actual adult dragonflies. They will live as nymphs for up to four years, molting their skin between 8 to 17 times depending on the species, and finally when they mature into adults, they can only live for a few months.

Jan 21,  · Slowly, the adult emerges from the cast skin (called the exuvia) and begins to expand its wings, a process that may take an hour to complete. The new adult will be weak and pale initially and only have limited flying ability. This is called a teneral adult. Adult Dragonfly Anatomy Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) have the basic insect body parts which consist of a hard exoskeleton. Fashioned into a head, a thorax, abdomen, six legs, and four wings. Dragonflies are large, heavy-bodies, usually larger than damselflies.

There are three stages of the dragonfly life cycle, the egg, the nymph, and the adult dragonfly. Most of the life cycle of a dragonfly is lived out in the nymph stage and you don’t see them at all, unless you are swimming underwater in a lake or pond with your eyes opened, of course. Print a Dragonfly Life Cycle Coloring Page. Jul 03,  · As adults, dragonflies feed on other live insects. They aren't picky eaters. They'll eat any insect they can catch, including other dragonflies. Midges and mosquitoes make up the bulk of their diet, but dragonflies will also prey on flies, bees, beetles, moths, butterflies, and other flying insects.

They undergo between six and 15 molts before emerging as fully formed adult dragonflies, a process that takes about 12 hours. Adults live only about .