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Tip from Karen: The diaper fold can be quick, sloppy and wrinkled and it will still catch the pee, so do not worry about fancy folding techniques. You do not need to know the names of folds. Getting the cotton in the cover somehow is enough. Here are some video tutorials to help you learn some of the various ways to use flat diapers. There are lots of different ways to fold a cloth diaper, and many of them are super simple to do. A pad fold is great for beginners and goes in a diaper cover, while a jelly roll fold is perfect for keeping liquids from leaking out of the diaper. Other simple folds include a triangle fold .

When I was a teenager, my diapers were improvised ones similar to this. Only thing I would add if I had the supplies, was elastic leg gathers. I would make that by stringing a few rubber bands together and taping them, stretched out, along the inner edge, then folding . Diaper Folding Techniques Usually rectangular prefold style diapers do not need to be folded. Occasionally when a prefold is a little too long or too wide a simple fold is necessary to deal with the excess fabric and obtain a more snug fit. Both of the diaper folding .

How to Fold a Standard Flat Rectangular Adult Diaper to be a "Super-Soaker" Overnight Diaper for an AB. The best techniques for folding flat diapers for small babies are an arcane and cultural survival art usually taught by a mother to her daughter(s). With square piece of diaper fabric, there are a number of ways to fold diapers .