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Pathology Neuroglial cysts are congenital lesions that develop a sequestration of neural tube embryonic elements that develop into a fluid-filled cavity, lined by glial cell and located within the white matter 4. White matter disease is the wearing away of tissue in the largest and deepest part of your brain that has a number of causes, including aging. This tissue contains millions of nerve fibers, or.

If you find a yellow or white lump on your skin, you might have a sebaceous cyst. Sebaceous cysts are usually harmless and they don’t hurt, but keep an eye out for signs of infection. You can get treatment for your sebaceous cyst, or see if it goes away on its own. But, if . Epidermoid (ep-ih-DUR-moid) cysts are noncancerous small bumps beneath the skin. They can appear anywhere on the skin, but are most common on the face, neck and trunk. Epidermoid cysts are slow growing and often painless, so they rarely cause problems or need treatment.

Jan 08,  · Symmetric involvement in the white matter at MRI is an essential finding in patients with adult leukodystrophies, because it commonly is associated with inherited disorders. However, the imaging pattern of adult leukodystrophy can vary according to Cited by: 9. Epidermoid cysts do not contain sweat glands or hair follicle cells. They grow very slowly. These cysts usually first appear when a person is an adult. A pineal cyst happens on the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. This type of cyst usually only shows up during an imaging scans done for another reason. Pineal cysts seldom cause problems.